Why Aren't Classes Separated Into Lower and Upper Body?

Great question! We want to make sure everyone who works out with us gets the most out of each class. For example, if we have "Monday, Wednesday, Friday" #Royals we don't want them limited to one muscle group. We also believe that keeping things varied is the best approach to maximum results. So, we like to program movements that hit each part of the body at least once in each workout. Rather than say "we don't do upper body or lower body" we prefer to think, we always work your whole body, with a little extra upper or lower body "UMPH" depending on the day. 


Is There Parking?

Yes! When you come to RPT Fitness, you have a handful of parking options. Robertson Blvd. is metered parking, up to two hours. Across from the building on Gregory, there is free 2 hour parking. Want the full Royal experience? Pull into our garage and take advantage of the valet!


What Should I Bring to Class?

Yourself! Just wear comfortable workout apparel and some good shoes. A water bottle is a great idea, but if you forget, you can always pop over to our Activ8 Juice Bar and grab one. Make sure you arrive 10-15 minutes before class. Instructors will start right on time so that they can explain the workout and go over movements with everyone. 


I'm Coming from Work, What if I'm late?

If this is your first time, you have to arrive early to make sure you are in the system, and ready to go. It is also IMPERATIVE that you are present for the description of class flow, rotations, and movements. If you are a first timer, we cannot allow you into a class if you arrive late. If you are are repeat #Royal, a 5 minute grace period will be allowed but is always left to the discretion of the instructor. 


How is RPT Fitness different from the "Other Guys"?

Finally! An easy one. Aside from our top notch equipment, we simply don't believe in cookie cutter fitness. What we do believe is that fitness is for everyone. We understand that every class contains people at varying levels, and we want each of you to excel. At RPT Fitness, we take the time to talk through modifications, progressions, and corrections so that each individual is doing the workout that best suits their abilities. We keep the classes small so that our instructors can see, and attend to, everyone. Our goal is for you to leave feeling accomplished, so we make sure that we find out what is comfortable for you, specifically, and then push you to your own personal limit.